A Contemporary Holiday Apartment for a Young Family, designed by Annette Frommer

Photography: Gilad Radat

This apartment was planned and designed for a young family visiting Israel on a regular basis. The budget was not over the top, and the brief was for a cozy and functional space that is welcoming and feels like home as soon as you enter it.

We agreed on a warm color palette consisting of pink, white and beige for the living room. Combining beige and pink provides a subtle, soft and almost dreamlike feel. In recent years these two colors have become fast friends and, as you can see, this is the reason why.

The oversized ottoman in dusty pink totally steals the show. There are so many advantages to using an ottoman. It adds seating space, you can store things inside it, it comes in so many shapes, sizes, it is fun and visually appealing, it can serve as a coffee table too, etc. A great design feature!

A sleek and chic, very minimalistic brass console greets guests upon entering the apartment. Against the powder pink wallpaper, the resulting effect is one of sleek elegance.

I went with a contemporary and rectangular wooden dining room table. Rectangular tables are great for hosting, as they can seat a large number of guests. Their linear shape allows for plenty of room around the table, which is always necessary — especially with children.

Sheer curtains are great for that easy living feel and by softening the incoming natural light of the floor to ceiling windows, gentle composure is achieved. The modern ceiling lamp and brass table accessories provide a delicate touch of modishness.

A classic kitchen with white marble and kitchen cabinets, together with brass handles, was my choice for the kitchen. There is a lot to be said for white kitchens since they are classic and withstand the test of time. They reflect light and provide a sense of considerable space.

By accessorizing with different colors you can style it to suit your mood and change it at your whimsy. You will never tire of a white kitchen!

As for bar stools, they not only add more seating, but also add visual interest to a space. Bar stools can perfectly fuse into any style of home décor and are especially functional in an open kitchen. They come in an endless array of colors, styles and sizes.

Another important room is, of course, the master bedroom! There is nothing like retreating into an amazing bedroom to recharge after long days of running around. This bedroom was designed to be a sanctuary that is warm, soft, and affords endless well-being. The calming textures, the reassuring blue color tones, the quality white bedding and mattresses do just that. A real haven that feels like a homey refuge…

In the room corner I placed a chest of drawers and a statement mirror. They are an asset for any visiting guest. Not only can you place cosmetic accessories on the dresser, the drawers also enable you to neatly fold and store your clothes. A dresser is a wonderful decorative feature; it’s functional and can easily replace a large and bulky wardrobe which occupies a large area. Thus, if your guest room space is limited, a dresser is an even more attractive and also cost-effective option.

As for the statement mirror — it amps the overall creative factor and is exceedingly useful!.

I believe that a holiday home really allows you to make the most of your vacation. For this young family, this apartment will provide a wonderfully comfortable stay in a relaxing home-like atmosphere where they can cook, entertain, and enjoy making happy ‘forever’ memories!

Annette Frommer was born and educated in Belgium. Her work is influenced by European culture, elegance, and sophistication.