A Jerusalem City Apartment for Short Visits, Designed by Annette Frommer

Photography: Oded Smadar

The client provided very explicit specifications as to how he had imagined this apartment. He wished to use it for frequent visits, some with his family, children and grandchildren, and other times for short business trips. As such he wanted the apartment to be child friendly, easy to maintain but also aesthetically beautiful with understated elegance.

In order to fulfill his requests, I began with the floors. The floors throughout the apartment are porcelain wood-like tiles that are exceptionally practical and that can handle children running around, playing, etc.

The living space includes a round leather dining table, two gorgeous and stylish cabinets, and exquisite custom-made roundabout oval sofas made of outdoor fabric for easy maintenance.

Vast marble-like porcelain slabs envelope and clad part of the living room walls for a superb and immaculate feel enhanced by sheer curtains, which provide privacy without fully blocking the view and the natural light coming through the floor-to-ceiling windows

Since the apartment is not large, it was obvious to me that children will use the sofas, probably play on them and eat on them too .

Outdoor fabrics are extremely resilient and waterproof, and nowadays there is a large variety of extremely attractive fabrics to choose from. I ensured my client that this upholstery would provide him with worry-free living while still offering comfort and beauty.

I chose the onyx ceiling mount light which is modern and elegant, and a delicately sculptured floor light for a touch of class.

Though the kitchen is small, it is striking. The impressive marble cladding, the Caesar-stone countertop, the lustrous pendant lights and the statement bar stools together blend to create a harmonious kitchen that is ‘wow!’.

An exceptionally wide hallway has been designed with great thought and is ready to be merged with the penthouse above, should the client desire so.

Chic and inconspicuous paneled doors hide the washer and dryer behind them, while an elegant console and mirror dress the opposing wall.

The master bedroom is cozy and calming in its white and grey lulling color palette. It includes two fully draped walls to ensure total blackout when necessary.

There is an abundance of closet space in the grey stunningly distinguished and bespoke wall closet with inlay brass handles. I love to use brass inlays. I believe that by incorporating brass, a sophisticated and stylish look is always created.

The second bedroom is warm and inherently charming with its serene and pale hue, perfect for accommodating an overflow of guests for relaxing sojourns and holidays

I find that Roman shades in bedrooms add lots of charm. Roman shades are actually the oldest types of window coverings. They offer a clean and minimalistic look and are perfect for bedroom windows since these are opened and closed on a regular basis.

To summarize: This apartment is not only aesthetically gorgeous but it is also an apartment that provides optimal comfort! Though the space is not large, the final result offers a balance between efficiency and aesthetic value. The grey and greige color palette delivers a sense of tranquility, and with a combination of clean lines, wood, marble elements, and glass, a modern look and feel has been flawlessly achieved.

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Annette Frommer was born and educated in Belgium. Her work is influenced by European culture, elegance, and sophistication.