A small and elegant Jerusalem apartment, designed by Annette Frommer

Photography:Elad Gonen

Annette Frommer presents: a three-bedroom apartment, commissioned for family visits in Jerusalem.

The client provided a very detailed brief. His vision was clear. He wished to maximize the space and he requested the use of lots of blue materials in all types of shades. I based the color palette on blue and I incorporated many of its glorious hues such as midnight blue, navy blue, baby blue, powder blue and more.

Jerusalem Bayit Vagan apartment

The challenge was to make the small apartment feel large and to provide it with a minimalistic type of elegance. The result, I believe, offers true style and sensibility in a symmetrical and harmonious fashion.

For the sofa, I went with soft beige and accessorized it with many throw pillows in solid blues and prints. Beige is a great color for a sofa. Many people tend to dislike the color; they feel it’s boring and uninspiring. I, on the other hand, strongly disagree. On the contrary, I believe that a beige or light colored sofa provides endless possibilities in using textiles, finishes and other materials.

Contrasting colors and fabrics creates balance and style. In this instance the beige sofa is complemented by the rich tones of the throw pillows and the blue of the armchairs.

The elegant vitrine cabinets add visual interest., the back mirror, the glass shelves, and the drawers that provide always needed storage space, all bring beauty and elevate the look of the room. The brass frames of the armchairs contribute to the minimalistic look and promote a stylish, light and airy feel.

A glossy and gorgeous Emboya wood dining table graces the dining room area. The refined veneer provides a sleek look, complemented by the cream colored leather chairs. Note that though the table has presence, it is not cumbersome, and in effect contributes to a sparkling and fresh look.

The wood paneled doors are gorgeous elements within themselves. They are exquisitely crafted so that when closed, the doors fully disguise the entrance to the hallway and sleeping area. This stunning feature enhances the overall ambience and look of the apartment.

We continued with the blue color scheme in the bedroom. The beige headboard acts as a backdrop for the lovely blue throw pillows and blue blanket. The abstract design of the area rug is soothing and serene, as is the baby blue armchair.

Not many color combinations rival the timeless white and blue for chic and a sense of serenity!

In order to complete the look of the apartment and enhance its beauty, great attention was given to all the details and accessories. Details are extremely important. They are often small, yet they are always noticed and definitely make a difference. It is the details that pull everything together to create the perfect home atmosphere.

Details also make each home unique, like these gorgeous flower holders in blue which match the pillow (above), the area rug in shades of blue and white fluff stool (to the left) and he delicate lamp in light blue (below). I spend a lot of time searching for the right flower vase, the perfect stool, the perfect picture to hang on the wall, etc. Sometimes I like to use the personal mementos of clients. These are priceless yet of great emotional value, and provide very personal and unique styling.

To conclude: the first thing that strikes you when entering this apartment is the beautiful color scheme and the charming décor, exquisitely executed to create balance and symmetry.

Annette Frommer was born and educated in Belgium. Her work is influenced by European culture, elegance, and sophistication.