Photography: Elad Gonen

This apartment from quite a few years back is located in one of Jerusalem’s residential towers. Since the apartment was not especially large it had to be planned and designed with a clear command of balance and proportion. I had to be extremely careful in choosing furniture that was neither too small nor too large. The visual weight of all the rooms had to be balanced and harmonious. All the furnishings had to complement each other. I wanted to give the apartment zest and pizazz, so that the final outcome would be anything but standard.

For the living room I decided to go with an eclectic range of colors, based on the fuchsia area rug carpet. The carpet definitely makes and impact, and with the additional scatter pillows teeming with color and in various types of fabrics the space is bursting with life! I am extremely pleased with the combination of textures and colors.

The small round coffee table and singular arm chair make for a very comfortable and cozy sitting are for entertaining guests.

I love this curio cabinet, half glass half storage space. It fees l light and airy and beautifully complements the scatter pillows with their plethora of colors. The background light colored geometric wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for this chic piece of furniture.

Note the lime green details behind the glass. They tie the kitchen to the space as do the lime green pillows on the sofa.

There is great beauty in a white kitchen. White kitchens are classic and clean, and always withstand the test of time. And remember, as we all know, whereas black makes spaces feel smaller, white makes everything appear larger since white reflects light. And when white is used as a base color, you can take it in any direction you want with added colors. In this instance I decided to go with lime green, a color associated with nature and liveliness. Together a vibrant bold design statement is made!

And note the console within the white cabinetry. It is made of glossy wood and includes a glass mirrored top. These elements when combines add class and sophistication.

This dining space beautifully blends with the rest of the décor. The meticulously designed high gloss dining room table, with its white upholstered chairs is the accurate option for a contemporary space.

Good lighting is imperative in any space, especially above a dining room table — you must see what you eat! Here, the ceiling lamp not only provides light but also warmth and a touch of stylish décor.

The master bedroom has been designed in a cream color palette. The gorgeous geometric wallpaper acts as a focal point. The long white curtains are not overbearing and flawlessly complement the cream area rug.

Note the light blue armchair that is tied to the rest of the space with the light blue scatter pillows. Such mall details, can beautifully tie up the space

Which siblings wouldn’t want a room like this? The room is not large and has been designed in perfect symmetry as to allow each child to have his own bed and shelf. The sheer Roman curtain enables light to enter the room. The patterned bedspread and pillows complement each other and the long narrow carpet. The light colored walls enlarge the room for an overall serene and calming ambiance.

This is an apartment whose design will never go out of style. It will always look relevant. The careful combination of colors and textures and suitable proportion of all the furnishings will ensure a stylish and timeless look.

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Annette Frommer was born and educated in Belgium. Her work is influenced by European culture, elegance, and sophistication.