A Three-Month Whirlwind Renovation, by Annette Frommer

Photos: Gilad Radat

This project was to be completed in a record three months, as guests were arriving. With smart changes in the layout, the apartment was transformed to suit the client’s very precise specifications.

He requested traditional décor. A traditional interior design scheme is décor that is relaxing, timeless and not over the top fancy.

When you enter a space designed in this style you immediately feel at home. The relaxing furniture, wooden carpentry, patterned curtains, textured rugs, fabrics and color schemes feel familiar and safe, as can be seen in the following:

In this living room setting, I combined comfortable beige leather sofas and warm wooden carpentry. I used colorful scatter pillows for a slight color accent, and a wooden unit that not only acts as wall décor, as it provides storage and open shelves for showcasing books and other loved accessories and artifacts. I went for an old school ceiling lamp that is classic and timeless.

I love to use round tables in small spaces, especially when they are extendable. They make a room feel more spacious, are great for easy conversation, and create a kind of coziness. Aesthetically, they always look elegant! The dining area blends with the living space, easily and harmoniously. The lamp over the table strands out and catches the eye!

I fitted the kitchen with gorgeous dark walnut cabinets and a sleek, elegant marble top. A mosaic backsplash completes the look.

A few words about a mosaic backsplash. I have found that mosaic tiles are not only striking but are also easier to clean than ceramic, wood, and mirror tiles. They are resistant to chemicals and durable. Most importantly there is something romantic about mosaics. There is a versatility of colors, shapes and sizes and you can easily customize them to suit your style.

Brown leather bar stools always add a fashionable touch, especially in a traditionally designed home. Their rich and earthy look elevates any space!

Since I went with brown all over, I knew that light colored dishes and vibrant accessories would lighten the look.

A traditional style bedroom includes a neutral color scheme — so here I went for beige with pale baby blue accents. An upholstered headboard is a must, as are matching nightstands and table lamps. I opted for double layer curtains — one sheer and the other opaque. In this manner, sunlight can shine through while full privacy can still be maintained.

A dainty and delicate vanity with a beautifully upholstered chair adds that extra touch of traditional class.

Another cozy bedroom, where brown and wood are predominant.

The parquet floor, the desk, the leather chair, the roman blind, and the interesting side table made of cork, beautifully come together to create that traditional live-in feel.

Designing the garden part of your terrace is the most fun. It is here that you can create a small tropical forest, or a stunning flower retreat.

In this instance I went for a cheery and bright look. I chose colorful cushions to dress the light comfy grey sofa.

Note that when I plan and design an outdoor space I take many factors into account. Is the setting sunny most of the time, or is it in the shade? Is it windy? In order to enjoy your terrace most of the year, these elements need to be considered. Also carefully arrange the colors, scents, sizes, and types of plants and flowers. Handle them with care and love, which they will repay with their romantic fragrances and healthy beauty.

Annette Frommer was born and educated in Belgium. Her work is influenced by European culture, elegance, and sophistication.