Beauty Restored to a Stately Jerusalem Home by Annette Frommer

Photography: Elad Gonen

I was commissioned to redesign this remarkable historic landmark house built in the 1930’s.

The brief emphasized that the character of the house had to be maintained, the goal being to restore the feel, the beauty and the glory of this former grand mansion.

Do to strict regulations the exterior was not allowed to be altered, even the original iron doors and porch railings had to be restored and reinstated. The only addition permitted was a sunroom which was designed in a minimalistic style to complement, in a more modern fashion, the elegance and sophistication of this century-old abode.

The impressive entrance was kept and the gorgeous wrought-iron railing restored. Spectacular landscaping design was incorporated. It should be noted that aside from providing a home with a more refreshing look, landscaping enables you to maximize the outdoors . In this instance a vast manicured lawn, flower beds, artistically trimmed trees and relaxing sidewalk path were beautifully integrated to enhance the visual scenery and to offer a soothing retreat.

As you enter and step on the smooth gleaming marble floor and elegant area rug, the impressive iron railing on the staircase immediately catches your eye. The total look of this stunning entrance emphasizes the immaculate planning of details that has gone into this home.

Classic velvet upholstered dining chairs paired with a thick glass table provide a sense of grandeur and grace, as does the marble flooring and art nouveau chandelier.

The gorgeous sun room, the only addition allowed, was designed to provide an airy ambience and a sense of renaissance. The floor-to-ceiling windows graced with fabulous curtains, the light color palette and the skylight above offer elegant and fresh minimalism.

This large kitchen combines both modern and traditional elements. The brick-like backsplash feels old-school, the stainless steel vent hood is sleek, the white cabinets have been traditionally designed and the clean-cut bar stools are modern. Correctly combined, these elements provide harmony.

I wanted a plush look for the master bedroom and thus decided to go with heavy textiles and fabrics using lush purple accents. The quality bedding, throw pillows, upholstered headboard, magnificent chandelier, high-pile rug, heavy draperies and circular iron staircase leading to a roof-top balcony are perfect elements for a grand look.

For the stately master bathroom I went with striking Statuario marble slabs. Their natural symmetry lends an elegant and artistic aspect to the space. Traditional-style chrome fittings by Lefroy Brooks were added. The same stone is again used for the moldings of the large bath and windows to create a calming consistency to the overall scheme.

(This bathroom has won the 2016 Bathroom Award in the prestigious International Design and Architecture Awards)

Restoring this historic home was a large and challenging undertaking; however I found great satisfaction in bringing new life into this spectacular old home, where new memories for a new family can be created.

Annette Frommer was born and educated in Belgium. Her work is influenced by European culture, elegance, and sophistication.