Ocean BLU


photos by Elad Gonen

The apartment is located within walking distance of Tel-Aviv’s HaTzuk Beach with a breathtaking view of the glistening Mediterranean on the horizon. It was obvious to me that the color palette for this luxury apartment had to be based on the vast possibilities that a blue color palette offers.

For the living room, I went with a petrol blue velvet sofa and scatter pillows in blue and aqua prints. Together with the rectangular glass and brass coffee table, a regal feel is created. The light and sheer voile curtains add to the breezy, beach-like feel of the apartment. Note the mirrored paneled doors. They reflect the blue of the sofa and enlarge the space.

As for brass and glass in a coffee table: brass is a great way to accent a home, and it can be mixed with almost anything. The shine of polished brass and its reflective quality enhances light sources and injects a touch of glamour. Glass in a coffee table is usually tempered and should it break it will fracture into small pieces and not into sharp large shards. Together these combined two elements are an obvious choice for adding elegance and style.

Another element that I feel is so important in designing a space is the use of area rugs. They are a fabulous component. For this apartment, I used gorgeous area rugs in some form of blue (in this instance the beauty of the carpet can be observed through the glass top table). By using diverse shades of blue, I unified and created a visual connection between all the rooms in the apartment so that each room flows from one to the next, just as the ocean’s water streams and drifts.

The living room area rug is like a work of art. It reinforces and creates a cohesive feel and look to the living room space. It dresses the room in shades of blue, creating a very well-dressed space.

This sophisticated contemporary wood kitchen provides a touch of warmth while the royal blue and black high stools complement this refined appearance. The warmth of the wood and the coolness of the blue work together to create balance and harmony.

For the breakfast nook, I went with a round glass table which is modern and contemporary. It brings a light and relaxing holiday feel to space, which is exactly what I wished to convey.

The bedroom with its powder blue creates an inviting and warm environment; a relaxing retreat for a peaceful night’s sleep. The light white voile curtains allow the warmth of the sun to seep in.

The scatter pillows are in solid shades of blue while the area rug in this instance zones off the space of the bed. Thus, when you lie on it you really do feel as if you are floating in the ocean.

A small important point about rugs that should be mentioned is that they help absorb sound which is especially necessary for large open spaces.

The use of versatile, natural, and timeless materials such as wood, marble, glass, and brass all contribute to the final elegant and refined style. It is the perfect pied-à-Terre, adjacent to the Mediterranean, for the ideal holiday in a city that never sleeps.

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Annette Frommer was born and educated in Belgium. Her work is influenced by European culture, elegance, and sophistication.