Photography: Elad Sarig

After searching for an impeccable pied-a-terre in Jerusalem, a perfect opportunity presented itself when two apartments in the same building were up for sale. Since the client loved the area and building, it was obvious that what he had to do was to purchase both apartments, connect them, and thoroughly recreate and refurbish the entire space. In other words, a full gut renovation had to happen.

The result is the total transformation of two very average apartments into one spectacular duplex.

Elegant Foyer

An elegant foyer, this beige lacquered console blends with the stone wall behind it. I placed two very basic and minimalistic lamps on each side to offer balance and harmony. In the middle of the console, I added a small delicate pinkish/ purple flower arrangement which provides a touch of color and sophistication. I love to work with fresh cut flowers. They always impress. Showcasing a flower arrangement, no matter how small, especially in a hallway is the perfect manner in which to greet guests.

Living area

High gloss oval pollisander coffee table, glass showcase cabinets, and Shonbeck crystal light

I went with a color palette of soft grey tones infused with dark brown and with contemporary furniture for a refined feel. A grey color palette is a favorite of mine. It’s neutral, stylish, and understated. No matter how much grey you wish to use it is never tiring or overpowering. It is the ideal backdrop to any style of décor and it can be complemented by a vast range of colors. The serene elegance in this living space is further expressed with the use of superb materials and textured fabrics.

Dining Area

A sophisticated pendant Baccarat fixture enhances the elegance of this dining room. It should be noted that many don’t understand that lighting is probably one of the most important elements when decorating a home. The light fixture that you choose, as well as the color of the light, greatly affects the way a room is perceived and the way it makes you feel. Since lighting is so essential I tend to it at the outset of every project.

The dining table is in high gloss oak with rectangular mirrors in the back for depth and effect. They also reflect some of the views of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The kitchen

The kitchen is done in highly polished Macasscar ebony. This is an exotic wood that is strong, heavy, and with its beautiful deep rich color is stunningly plush. The kitchen includes state-of-the-art double appliances to serve a religious household. The decorative glass jars with their contents add a touch of color to space. The pendant lighting adds chic to space.

Family room

Here I went with a versatile wall unit with open shelves. A minimalistic and calming color palette for relaxing evenings that is not only pretty but functional.

Master Bedroom

The décor of the master bedroom, with a walnut parquet floor, white and cream color palette elicits a relaxing feel. A stunning Swarovski ceiling lamp and flowing curtains complete the look.

Master bathroom

The adjoining master bathroom is clad in exclusive Calacatta gold marble, considered one of the most prestigious stones in the world. Note the white background with the gorgeous dramatic veins in grey and golden tones. This stone comes from nature, and its natural distinction creates a luxurious piece of art, obvious in every slab of such marble.

To conclude, the client was awestruck when he saw the final result of this full renovation. Who wouldn’t want to vacation in Jerusalem in such elegance and comfort!

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Annette Frommer was born and educated in Belgium. Her work is influenced by European culture, elegance, and sophistication.